A Quick Breakdown Of Necessary Elements For Shopping Sites

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Vital and Kildonan Place shopping centres. Its Home Store at Ellice Avenue and St. James Street closed in March. The latest round of cutbacks follow years of dwindling sales and a revolving door of top executives for the beleaguered department store chain. They also follow a string of other store closures and downsizings over the last three years involving such other well-known retail chains as Le Château, Danier Leather, Smart Set, Jacob, Future Shop, Aeropostale and Target Canada. Maureen Atkinson, a senior partner at Toronto-based retail consulting firm J.C. Williams Group, said the latest round of bloodletting began about five or six years ago in the United States, and eventually spilled over into Canada. One of the driving forces behind it is the growing popularity of online shopping. "It probably happened sooner in the States because e-commerce developed faster in the States than it did in Canada," she said. "Also, they were more over-stored than we were." She said this isn’t the first time the industry has experienced a major shake-up, and it won’t be the last.

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