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What does the fall in the value of the pound mean for prices in the shops? Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionShoppers will need to keep a close eye on how much they are spending People travelling overseas from the UK have found their pounds are buying fewer euros or dollars after the Brexit vote. Even if the pound regains some of its value, currency experts expect it in the longer term to remain at least 10% below where it was when the referendum happened. This means exports should get a boost as UK goods will be cheaper, but imported goods will get more expensive - some price rises for food, clothing and homeware goods have been seen. The latest UK inflation figures have the rate at 2.6%, above the target level, but not out of kilter with recent years. Prime Minister Theresa May has said one of the main messages she has taken from the Leave vote is that the British people want to see a reduction in immigration. She has said this will be a focus of Brexit negotiations as she remains committed to getting net migration - the difference between the numbers entering and leaving the country - down to a "sustainable" level, which she defines as being below 100,000 a year. Net migration to the UK was estimated to be 248,000 in 2016 - a fall of 84,000 from 2015. The total number of people moving to the UK was made up of 264,000 non-EU citizens, 250,000 EU citizens and 74,000 British citizens. Balancing that 117,000 EU citizens left the UK, out of an estimated total of 339,000 emigrants.

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