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Aside from being corny, its wildly far from what most women look like in lingerie; even worse, it suggests that any would-be shopper is buying lingerie for someone else first and themselves second, and thats a problem. Enter Lonely , a New Zealand label thats bringing a much-needed dose of reality to the world of intimates. (While youll also find swimwear and clothing amongst the brands offerings, its lingerie is without a doubt the star of the show.) Instead of focusing on some marketing executives tired perception of what sexy looks like, the label offers an honest, empowering, and inclusive point of view and some really gorgeous bras, bralettes, and underwear. The collection itself consists of high-waisted briefs by the dozen, bikini options, and soft-cup or underwire bra styles for those who need the extra support. Each piece marries various stretch fabrics with delicate, thoughtful detailing all-over-lace, satin and mesh accents, and most notably, playful banded straps. Offered in a rich, custom-dyed palette of black, ivory, dusty pink and burnt red, sizes run from 30B to beach clothes womens 36E. Lilith Midline Bra ($32) and Brief ($16) More The line has been around since 2009, but made a big splash over the past year thanks to its emotive, un-retouched campaign imagery: Photos depicting diverse groups of women of different ages, races, and sizes making artful note of every stretch mark, stomach fold, tattoo, and hair. As a shopper, taking in these images and seeing the pieces modeled on so many different bodies was the first time I looked at lingerie and thought, I might actually look good in that. And after trying a set out for myself, I can attest to the fact that my normal, not sample size body looks good and feels good in them, too. While Im a fan, its unfortunate that so much of what Lonely creates is deemed revolutionary, because at the end of day it really is just honest photos of real women in pretty underwear.

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By November authorities had seized 95 vehicles and arrested 102 smugglers as well as nine police officers for migration-linked corruption, it said. DRIVEN UNDERGROUND? Despite those initial results, the EU acknowledged in December that the reduced traffic in Niger had not yet led to an overall reduction in arrivals in Europe. More than 181,000 migrants took the North Africa to Italy route in 2016, more than in any other year on record, though many likely arrived in Libya before the crackdown in Niger began. Smuggling could have just become more clandestine, said Peter Tinti, a senior research fellow with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime. Tightening security often allows smugglers to charge a premium and can push migrants to take riskier routes, ชุดว่ายน้ําคนอ้วนราคาถูก he said. "If it's not done right, anti-smuggling policies can increase smugglers' profit margins and decrease migrants' security," he told Reuters. Meanwhile, economic development programs funded by the EU to alleviate the poverty that pushes migrants to leave home in the first place could take years to show results. In Agadez, the immediate impact of the EU plan has been an economic bust.