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He kept some of the people awake after the viewing and allowed the rest to sleep normally. Those who were not allowed to sleep properly were more likely to remember the negative aspects of the video than those who got enough sleep. Theres also strong support for the idea that insufficient sleep may be a trigger for, and not just a symptom of, a number of mental illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder and even schizophrenia. Depriving people with bipolar disorder of sleep, for example, can launch a manic episode, while some people with depression report worsening symptoms when they arent sleeping well. Fully understanding the role sleep plays in mental illness is a rich area of future research. Already many doctors think consistent, high-quality sleep can have a direct bearing on the health of those with mental illness. Anyone who suffers from moderate or significant mental-health concerns needs to be aware that sleep may be one of the most important things they can do, says Walker. Stress, scientists also know, is one of the more potent accelerators of aging, and a body thats not sleeping enough looks similar to one thats stressed outits highly reactive to perceived threats, even when those threats dont pose any real risk. Biologically speaking, theres virtually no difference in the way a body reacts to a startling noise in the middle of the night, a rabid raccoon or a stressful work deadline: in all cases, fight-or-flight mode is triggered, blood pressure spikes, breathing gets shallow, and the heart starts to race.

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